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With atheral insufficiency of the penis and veno-occlusive dysfunction caused by undue venous give someone the sack, operations are performed to invent additional arterial inflow to the corpora cavernosa (revascularization of the penis).

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The most widespread are revascularization operations according to the methods of Virag, Nauri, Kovalev - individual types of anastomoses between the insignificant epigastric artery and the dorsal vein of the penis.


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The bottom line of operations aimed at correcting veno-occlusive disorders (spongiolysis, ligation and resection of the weighty dorsal line, immersion of the beyond dorsal lode into the exact tunica albuginea, plication of the legs of the penis) is to exclude the lord it over pathological pathological venous outflow from the corpora cavernosa. Currently, venous surgery techniques are adapted to in federation with penile revascularization in cases of veno-occlusive dysfunction.

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Decompensated forms of erectile dysfunction, principally those caused during cavernous (myogenic) insufficiency, cavernous fibrosis, ineffectiveness of drug cure and penile revascularization are an signal with a view phalloendoprosthetics.

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Modern receptive and especially hydraulic models of prostheses allow you to facsimile the penis, simulating a everyday erection in accordance with the operating need. Bailiwick treatment of impotence with people remedies.

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